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Let me set the scene . . .

It's late. You're in your pjs, wrapped in your favorite blanket with fuzzy socks and a pint of Half-Baked sitting next to you. Grey's Anatomy is playing on the TV for the thousandth time, and you're wishing you had a partner sitting next to you, keeping you company. You pick up your phone to scroll through your favorite dating app, but let's be honest:

You're so sick of swiping on profiles.

It's kind of exhausting. You believe in love, and you want it for yourself, but it feels unreachable. Especially the kind of relationship you want. You don't just want to date for the sake of dating. You want a true partnership. You want to wake up each morning thrilled to spend time with the person next to you, butterflies in your stomach, and shared plans for the future. You want someone that makes you feel safe, and cherished, and loved.

It feels impossible to find this kind of relationship. The thought "There are no good men left," has definitely entered your brain a time or two. And yet... 

... you still have hope.
Are you worried that you’ll never find true love in life?
Have you doubted that you can have the kind of relationship you've always dreamed of? One where you feel cherished, and respected, and supported? The kind of relationship that feels magical?
Guess what... that relationship is totally possible for you this year.

The 5 Week Group Accelerator

Ready, Reset, Date

This is for you if you are wanting to manifest your dream relationship in 2023, and have a vision board that actually works for you. 

This  will help you go from hoping to having within the year. 

In this workshop you will 

  • Learn what to focus on in 2021 to have the relationship you desire

  • Create a vision board to manifest the relationship of your dreams

  • Gain confidence in yourself and your abilities to manifest

  • Get support from a world class  coach 

*Bonus* My number one secret to manifest anything you want fast

Tarryn Brakett life mindset coach coachi
When: 1.23.21
Time: 11:00 am  PST
We'll meet on Zoom as a group, link to follow. 
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"This is so wonderful and just what I needed! Thank you for sharing! Life changing. Thank you so much."

- Cassie Huerta

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What's included?

This group program includes 5 weekly group coaching calls over Zoom, Voxer support Monday-Saturday, lifetime access to an online classroom for materials and recordings.

Is this workshop right for me?

If you're ready to take control of your romantic life and harness the power of the Law of Attraction to finally have your dream relationship this workshop is for you.

If you're ready to start your healing and personal development towards manifesting your dream life, then this workshop is right for you. 

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more love, more abundance, and more happ
Tarryn Brakett life mindset coach coachi

I'm ready to manifest the relationship of my dreams!

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